For over 25 years, Bruno Bordese has dedicated his life to footwear. His shoes are true status symbols, must-haves for trend setters, artists and creatives from all over the world. Unique and recognizable pieces thanks to a mix of classic and trendy elements, born from the continuous experimentation of different materials.

Bordese defines itself as a "sponge" that draws inspiration from street art, antiques markets and the lifestyle of the new generations.

Travels are his lifeblood, but Milan is his base of operations. Bruno Bordese's first rule is to keep up with the times, to evolve. This is why his interests range from art to music and involve different generations. A mashup of elements that has created a following of consumers with a thousand faces and a thousand professions in the world of the night. Evolution continues and Bruno now also lets himself be inspired by the light of day, creating a collection with a strong personality that embraces the tastes of style-conscious consumers at any time of the day.